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Islamabad: March 06, 2017: CPEC Tower to be built in Islamabad

Decision is reached to build The CPEC Tower in the capital city, Islamabad. The tower will be the tallest building in the city and will serve as a symbol of socioeconomic progress Pakistan is making across all the fronts.

Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms (PD&R), Ahsan ...Read More

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Islamabad: March 06, 2017: Federal Minister For Planning, Development And Reform Ahsan Iqbal address to seminar on CPEC Priorities and Challenges

وفاقی وزیر احسن اقبال کا پاک چائنہ اقتصادی راہداری منصوبہ میں ترجیحات اور چیلنجز کے عنوان پر سیمینار سے خطاب 

تقریب کے شرکاء میں چینی سفیر، وفاقی وزیر براے پورٹس و شپنگ میر حاصل بزنجو، شیری رحمان ایکسپریس میڈیا گروپ کے سینئر عہدیداران ...Read More

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Consortium for CPEC Knowledge Base Development

A consortium of top Pakistani business schools was formed to engage academic sector for applied research on various industrial and business opportunities related to CPEC and make this project, a real game changer. The decision was taken in a meeting at Planning Commission Islamabad, under the cha ...Read More