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Islamabad: March 24, 2023: The Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal chaired a CPEC progress review meeting and discussed progress on Special Economic Zones, ML-1, KCR and various new development initiatives to be discussed in upcoming JWGs.
Chief Economist Dr. Nadeem Javaid, Advisor Maritime Affairs Jawad Akhtar and senior officers of CPEC Authority were present. 
During the meeting, the Planning Minister emphasized the importance of enhancing Pakistan's export sector and directed to follow up on the PM’s proposal to China to attach its professionals to help develop Pakistan’s export sector during his visit to China.
The Planning Minister further stated that the top priority of the Government's 5Es agenda is to enhance exports, and Pakistan can benefit from China's expertise in this regard. The updated status of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) was also discussed wherein the Minister instructed to make SEZs a medium to enhance exports. He said SEZs can foster collaboration and innovation, which can lead to the development of new products and services that are better suited to the demands of international markets.
The meeting also discussed proposals for upcoming Joint Working Group (JWG), including the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Solar Projects and Identification study of pumped storage hydropower projects. The Planning Minister instructed the officials to review all matrices and present progress updates. In addition, the Planning Minister discussed the ML-1 and KCR projects. 
"We are committed to the development of CPEC and ensuring its successful implementation," said the Planning Minister. "We are taking all necessary steps to address pressing issues and enhance exports, and we are grateful to China for its continued support in this regard."
The meeting concluded with a strong emphasis on the need for close collaboration between Pakistan and China to ensure the successful implementation of CPEC and to achieve the common goal of regional prosperity.