Social and Economic Development under CPEC

# Project Name
Completed Projects
1 Vaccine storage and transportation equipment
2 Poverty Alleviation Training
3 Emergency relief supplies for enhancing NDMA, disaster preparedness capacity
4 Pakistan Vocational and Technical Education Capacity build-up project
5 Pakistan Vocational Schools equipment Upgrading and Renovation Project
Under Construction Projects
6 China-Pakistan Joint Agricultural Technology Laboratory
7 Provision of Agricultural equipment and tools
8 Smart Classroom for Higher education
9 Maintenance and renovation for 50 schools in newly merged districts
10 Solar-powered lighting equipment
11 Overseas student scholarship
12 Medical equipment and materials
13 Gwadar hospital project
14 Brightness journey in Pakistan
15 Drinking water equipment
16 Gwadar Desalination Plant
17 Gwadar Vocational and Technical Project
In-Pipeline Projects
18 China-Pakistan Joint Agricultural demonstrations
19 Bacterial grass (JunCao) Technology Training and promotion project
20 Pakistan Agricultural Vocational Training
21 Provision of teaching equipment for primary and secondary schools
22 Burn Centres
23 China-Pak joint telemedicine network
24 Medical emergency center in Balochistan
25 Rural poverty reduction joint research project
26 Cooperative Project with Pak-Austria Fachhochule: Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology
27 Punjab-Tianjin University of Technology Project