5 MGD Water Desalination Plant Gwadar

Project 5 MGD Water Desalination Plant Gwadar
Project Objective

Project aims to purify sea water and make it safe for usage by the people in Gwadar city.

Project Description

The primary objective of the project is to address the prevailing shortage of portable and drinking water in Gwadar. According to the estimates the existing demand of water is 7 MGD, which is forecasted at 16.5 MGD in 2025. The existing resources if made fully functional can meet the water demand of 17.7 MGD in short run.

Implementation Agency: GoB/GDA

Province Balochistan
Estimated Cost (US $ Million) 5 billion Rupee (PSDP 67% Federal & 33% Provincial share)
Project Progress Update
  • The project PC-1 approved by ECNEC in 2018.
  • Tendering under process.