Information Technology Cooperation under CPEC

Joint Working Group on Information Technology Cooperation under CPEC has been established to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the IT industry and focus on the development of an innovative and pragmatic China-Pakistan digital corridor. Joint Working Group on IT under CPEC is opening new avenues of exciting opportunities for Pakistani tech companies, and facilitate the launching of 5G technology in Pakistan. By leveraging JWG on IT, joint cooperation is being expanded in ICT Infrastructure Development, ICT Application Innovation, Cybersecurity, Policy and Regulation, Radio Spectrum Regulation and Human Resource Development.
Successful completion of the fiber optical cable under CPEC covers an area of 820 km with a Cost of 44 Million US $. The project is helping to improve the telecom and ICT industry of Pakistan, promote tourism, and create trading opportunities for northern areas of the country. It is also providing the ICT infrastructure for 3G/4G services in the northern areas of Pakistan and enhance communication security with an alternative fiber route. China and Pakistan are committed to strengthen cooperation on building digital economic infrastructure, digitization, the Internet, satellite navigation, the Internet of things (IoT), computing infrastructure like data centers, cloud computing, and smart infrastructure including artificial intelligence and 5G Networks.