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Beijing:14 May, 2017; Minister for Planning, Development & Reform Professor Ahsan Iqbal urged Chinese leading IT manufacturer Huawei to open research and development center to support Pakistan information and knowledge revolution.

He expressed these views while Inaugurating Huawei Technologies Pakistan 3rd Seeds for the future program in Beijing on Sunday. Students from all parts of Pakistan are participating in the program aimed at enhancing IT education in the country. 

Minister said that CPEC does not focus on infrastructure and railway but it includes strong data optical fiber project so Pakistan can take advantage of technological revolution.

"Now we are in information and knowledge revolution era which is driven by digital world and success now depends on the brain power and data backbone" Minister remarked.

He said that Pakistan is now investing on knowledge capital and the country is blessed with talented youth. 

He said that Higher Education Commission's budget has been doubled in last 3 year. "This year we will increase it further and 3 centre of excellence in various areas including robotic are being established" he added.

Minister further said that the cyber world has created new opportunities, so Pakistani students should invest time in technology.

"Develop skills as employers today and focus on ability to learn new knowledge" he said, adding that students should plant seeds of inquiry as well as observation and come up with new ideas, translating it into salable products.